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Membership Application

CBC New Membership Form

Membership Requirements: 

The membership of this church shall be comprised of persons who have given evidence of receiving the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord, who have been baptized after having believed and have agreed to support the covenant and constitution and by-laws of this church, and who have been received by plural vote of the Calverton Baptist Church in Worship Service or in other public meeting (a copy will be provided).

Marital Status

Calverton Baptist Church follows the model of a Believer’s Baptism, meaning that all who have received the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord are baptized after they have believed in obedience to word of God (Acts 2:36,38,41). Baptisms received prior to professing faith in Christ do not follow the biblical model mentioned above. Calverton Baptist Church follows the biblical method of Baptism by Immersion.

Type of Membership:

Please Check the type of Membership Requested
Profession of faith desiring Believer’s Baptism
Letter of transfer from another Church
Profession of faith having already been baptized as a believer

If Letter of transfer, your name as registered at former church:

Personal Testimony:

Please type a clear description of what your life was like before Christ Saved you, a description of your salvation experience (events surrounding your conversion), and the changes in your life since you have been saved.

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